Founded in 2009 with a vision to develop Process Analytical Technologies to control pharmaceutical tablet manufacturing processes in response to the regulatory impact and market trend of PAT adoption. Innopharma has grown as the innovation leader in the provision of smart, cost effective, non-contact imaging technologies for manufacturing control in pharmaceutical, food/feed and fine chemical industries. Innopharma develops and implements tools for advanced (4.0) development & manufacturing for powder and solids processes including in-line real-time sensors, process machine and PAT sensor data alignment and secure storage, data analytics/visualization, and edge deployed tools for process logic development and automation with advanced dynamic control.

The modular suite of technologies is primarily developed for use on powder and solids processes such as granulation, coating, drying, milling, spheronisation, and extrusion in development, scale-up, transfer and manufacturing applications across the pharmaceutical, food and industrial sectors.

Innopharma Technology has a dedicated team of engineers, scientists, and software developers to assist with evaluation and implementation of technology packages to speed up process development, improve process understanding and implement advanced process control. Our customers and partners include global pharmaceutical and industrial companies and leading process equipment manufacturers.

We provide our customers with full support of hardware and software integration from finding the best solutions to better understand the processes to full implementation and after-sales support.