The Solution

To address these industry challenges, Innopharma are developing a fully vertically integrated Manufacturing Intelligence cloud based platform for crystallisation unit operations, named SmartCrys. The SmartCrys PAT analyser suite is integrated with data storage and analytics capabilities housed in a cloud platform to enable real-time remote monitoring and process automation control of process performance.

SmartCrys will be the only system that can provide closed loop control by intelligence based crystallisation using novel real time measurements coupled with both PAT analyser and soft sensor data to develop a mathematical control model for a crystallisation process.

SmartCrys takes into account variability during processing and subsequently self-adjusts the manufacturing process in real time in order to deliver a consistent quality product.

The cloud platform continuously collects data in real time from the PAT analysers and all process sensors measuring parameters such as, temperature, pH, agitation speed, time, etc. It has high-end data analysis capabilities for converting this data to manufacturing intelligence, an important step to the fourth industrial revolution. Information on chemical composition, particle size distribution, particle shape and crystallization phase is combined in a multivariate dataset with the expected or desired crystal features. Processing the datasets requires data-driven models developed by means of Big Data tools (“deep learning” algorithms suitable for dealing with stochastic data) in order to maximize the meaningfulness of such datasets. Algorithms suitable for dealing with stochastic data will be finalised, tested and validated.